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game achievement problem :(

Shows i got game center achievement for all goals, when i didn’t even get the 350,000 points in one run.


Exquisitely designed, entertaining, calming, amazing game. Definitely recommend.

Wingsuit Glitch needs Update

Once the wing-suit is available no matter where you tap on the screen it will automatically turn the suit on. Anyone else having this issue? Please look into this?

I don’t write reviews very often, but...

This game is simply perfect. I’ve been playing on the XS Max and it is an experience that cannot be missed. It’s so chill, beautiful, smooth, zen. The sound design is incredible - playing without headphones with this phone’s stereo sound is truly something else. The devs on this should be proud of themselves. Well done!


This game is super fun and I love the relaxing scenery. This is amazing, definitely worth the $4.99 to buy. I haven’t seen this mentioned before but for some reason on google play Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are free but on the Apple Store it is $4.99 I find it interesting. This isn’t affecting my star rating but I think both platforms should be the same price.


I love this game. It is easy to learn, hard to master. Simple, yet elegant. It is my favorite game and definitely worth the $5.00. The only problem I have is that there are not enough biomes. My favorite biome so far is the dunes, because I like wall riding. After a while it gets kinda boring only being able to ride through 3 biomes. Fast forward into the future and now I’m writing about it crashing. I haven’t played it in quite a while but when I went to go get on, it crashed! And it kept on crashing. Oh well. Minus one star! Sorry ((-....-)) /

Played the older game, love the new.

I loved this game when I played the Original Altos Adventure years ago. I decided that I should treat myself and buy the new one which I had just seen. You will not be disappointed if you buy this game. Although some rocks are hard to see at night, the music, visuals, and the gameplay make up for all the little mistakes you may find. This game is worth playing for hours on end and I suggest getting it. Zen mode is one of my favorite things to do when I want to play without worrying about my score, and I just want to play and listen. This game is worth the money and if you hate it, you can leave a bad review. It will get lost in the good reviews. I love this app with all my heart and only good things come to mind whoever I think about it. Definitely worth it.

Alto is back!

*UPDATE* To the developers, during gameplay when my scarf is at max length and the option to fly is available - the game automatically selects the flying option mid-backflip. This has caused me to die. Not only that but it’s annoying af. I looked in the options but it doesn’t look like anything I’ve selected. It only happens when the level of flight is full and I’m attempting a backflip. Fix this crap!! As a YUGE fan of the original Alto game, I was ecstatic to see a sequel. If you can’t tell from the overwhelming amount of positive reviews that this game is a winner, then what I’m going to say isn’t going to make any difference to you. This game is beautiful, exciting and challenging. It’s fun and most of all it’s full of fricken backflips! Who doesn’t love doing backflips? Get it.


Gotta love my man Alto. He’s out here doing all these cool tricks n stuff. Also the scenery is breathtaking.

Best game ever

Omg you neeeeeeeedddd to get this game! $5 may seem like a lot but it’s not! Maya is my fave character

Just thought I’d let you know.....

Game is wonderful, but I believe I have found a glitch in it. When I’m playing it is perfectly fine, but when I’m playing while on a phone call with someone it freezes mid-play. I just thought I’d let you know. I’m also playing on the xs max if that has anything to do with it or if it helps at all. 😁

Grinding Chasms...

The game is more frustrating then fun compared to the first version and actually feels Grindy literally. Don’t like when devs try to make a game better by simply making it more difficult or slower to progress in.

Crashing at start up

Crashing every time at start up on my iPhone SE. I’m on iOS 12 now. It was perfect on iOS 11.

Why does it only work online

I love the game but on my iPhone 7 + this game only works when im connected to wifi , is this a glitch or is it meant to be so? Im a huge fan


This game is beautiful, and the graphics are awesome! It plays smoothly on my phone. It is beautiful, relaxing, and totally worth the $5!

They did it again

Outstanding sequel with even better acrobatic game play. Another audio and visual banquet.

A Flawless Delight

For me, honestly, this is a perfect game. Relaxing, challenging, beautiful to behold. The previous Alto game was perfect, but this supercharges the beauty, sound, and grace. It’s pure joy. There is nothing else like it ... so do yourself a favor and experience it. (A secret for the creator: I’d pay quite a bit more for your next one.)

Absolutely beautiful

Most relaxing game I’ve ever played, and the soundtrack is wonderful

Alto keeps cutting off when I open app

Need a refund for this price for this to cut-off on me repeatedly

Needs more contrast

I like Alto. I want to love it. The gameplay is smooth and engaging, but in different environments and times of day, the rider just disappears. You land upside down because the rider vanishes when she wallrides. Rocks appear from behind scenery. Super frustrating.


This game really shows how much gaming can be art. Heck, you even added a photo mode, and it can create some of the best photos ever. Even if there are the same first 3 characters, they are still balanced and really fun to play as, If there is a 3rd game, I’m forcing my parents to by me another iTunes card.

Keeps crashing

This game fails to launch and even crashes mid game. It never did that before.

This game is lame

Not worth downloading for free. So bummed I spent $5. Ski safari is way more fun and engaging and it’s free!!!

Awful on TV, good on phone

Either my Apple TV is faulty (wouldn’t be the first time), or this APP is just awful on the 4k TV. The other Alto works just fine, but this one has the character you are using just jump randomly and spin, ensuring a crash and an inability to complete any objectives. Super frustrating to play (but no one probably cares, the developers and Apple already got their money for it). Works good on the phone. Beautiful game no matter what, I just wouldn’t buy it if you intend to use it on the TV.

Crashes all the time

After updating to ios 12 I can’t even open the game it always jumps out please fix it thank you


This game is broken. Built on one of the best iPhone games of all time (if not THE best), Altos Odyssey is almost like an extension of Altos Adventure. The only difference is the new surroundings, the wall-board option, and the glitches. This game is filled with so many glitches sometimes, I wonder how it even made it to a full published app. Until someone fixes it, I refuse to change my 1 star to a 5 star. And yes, I will know if someone fixes it because I play it almost every day.

Great game, a little room for improvement

Kudos for capturing the breathtaking excitement of snow/sand-boarding. Gorgeous visuals, addictive non repetitive gameplay. After two-ish months of dedicated (obsessive) playing, I finally finished. Top combo: 109,480 (multiplier 34). Some of the challenges are extremely frustrating, borderline sadistic. And for what? A mere congratulations. I still like to play this game, but there are no more challenges — why not build in a prize for finishing: the ability to script one’s own challenges. Like, one could set the app to keep track of the distance that you “hovercraft” in the wingsuit or count rock bounces, or bounces in a row, whatever. Finally, a few times I’ve crashed through the ground. Most of the time this happens while wingsuiting and leads to a crash (both literally and figuratively), but once I crashed through the ground and kept wingsuiting, i.e., the ground was moving above me. I wish I had explored this mystery underground more, but I ended up heading back up to the surface. Fun game.

Bad Quality

Please do not buy this game. Every single time I try to play, it crashes out of the game and I have to wait a minute then it finally loads in I play then it crashes again. I really hope they fix this problem or I will not play this or recommend.

iPhone 6 version needs an update

Played The first Alto without any issue. But Alto’s Odessey is giving me lots of stuttering gameplay. It makes it hard to time my jumps and flips with the type of stuttering I’m noticing throughout gameplay. Needs an update to better optimize us iPhone 6 users.

2 gripes

Overall fun but 2 issues. 1. I’ve had the goal “wallride to backflip across a chasm” for over 2 weeks. That situation hasn’t presented itself once. Please include the ability to actually complete goals 2. Too often it feels like you need to choose between tricks and coins. Coins are often placed on downward slope of a hill, so you have to decide between getting trick points/speed or coins

Waaaaaay too frustrating

Well the one star review I left yesterday has somehow been removed so yeah that happened. Not worth your money. I payed for it and I’m not one who likes to waste their money but I’m on the verge of deleting this thing. The goals become ridiculously hard after a while. “Survive all day” really?! How does that kind of constraint make for a fun and relaxing experience? Spoiler alert it doesn’t! That and dozens of little things make you want to throw your iPhone/iPad against the wall. Just read the other negative reviews. Most of the 5 stars are probably either fake or the players are on some serious mood inhibitors. There is a “zen” mode which I finally found after a week. You have to click a barely visible arrow on the right side of the screen to access it. But there are no goals so no point. The developers need to find a middle ground between zen and insane.

Best $4.00 ever spent!

Wow just wow this is one of the best, most visually impressive games I have played all year. The graphics are stunning, the game mechanics are on point, and the whole experience is so intuitive. If you’re wondering which version of Alto is better, this one by far, is the better pick as it’s graphics are out of this world. Thanks for making an incredible gaming experience!

A Beautiful Game

Alto’s Odyssey is a true diamond in the rough. In the era of 5-minute-to-create, hyper-casual games with in app purchases testing your parsimony, it’s a good thing to see a game like this. Just looking at the screenshots, you can tell it’s a work of art. And it’s fun to boot!

Recommendation for change.

Simple: switch the placement of the photo button with the restart button. Too many time I’ve restarted instead of resume.

great! but i need help PLEASE

i love love love this game! it’s so pretty and fun and entertaining i’ve been playing for months. right now i’m on level 49 and i’m having a lot of trouble w the 4 balloon bounce, even tho i’ve done it tons of times before. on my friends phone, he often has the option to pay coins to skip a level or get a revive after a level (he has an android) but on my apple phone (8) i don’t have either options nor have i ever. i REALLY need to skip this level and i’m playing the game less now bc i’m so frustrated and i want to move to the next level. please help!

Too Reliant on Probability

There’s no doubt that Alto’s Odyssey is a well crafted, fluid and visually appealing game. It’s weakness lies in its dynamic gameplay. Every game and level are unique, with different scenarios and obstacles each time you play. Unfortunately, this means the player’s success is as highly dependent on luck as it is in skill. At a certain point, repetition becomes key to achieving goals but only if your patience doesn’t run out first. Good luck... you’re going to need it.


This games is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Loved the First Alto, Loved this One Too

This is a great game; Peaceful, addicting, and challenging by turns. Highly recommended for players of all stripes!

Really good except for a few key issues

First purchase from this developer but sad to say I’m a little disappointed :( Though the game truly is stunning, it becomes nearly unplayable during the night phase due to really low contrast. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult to discern rocks, making the game a bit more stressful/eye-straining than I’d like. With several other reviews stating the same, it makes me wonder if these concerns will ever be addressed. Otherwise a very enjoyable and relaxing experience :P

Not supported on all of our ipads

All of our iOS versions are 10.3.3 and still says the game is not supported on the device. I play on my iPhone and like the game, however would like it on a larger screen. We loved Altos adventure, and found the winged suit is easier to control on the iPad. I will not rate the game any higher until i can play on my iPad.


The games atmosphere is extraordinarily amazing.

Feedback for the developers

Dear developers, This game is more than likely my most played mobile game of all time. I managed to unlock the last character and buy 90% of the items in the shop so I felt I needed to give you guys my input. The job of a mobile game is to pass time while we are idle and the idea of this game executes it to perfection. However there are some issues, specifically with the reward system or aka the shop. Firstly, there is not enough variety. For a game which is essentially a dynamic repetitive experience, a grind, there needs to be more things to look forward to. And how hard could it be to slap extra things in there. There is so much opportunity to make up items and gadgets which are useful as well as cosmetic only items which are completely absent. You get the wing suit, the board, the radio and the compass. That is all, 4 things which you can easily acquire within the first few hours and after that it is all upgrades. Speaking of the compass, it is not a good idea to make the item use additional coins after you purchase it in a game which is only upfront cost to play. That essentially ruins it. 1000 coins to change the background is ludicrous. I’ve only used it I believe 2 times for the specific missions and I felt bad about it due to the cost. It actually won’t save you time at all because the cost is completely unbalanced. You will get faster to the biom of your choice as opposed to collecting another 1000 coins. The problem of poor cost balancing persists. The magnet costs up to 7500 to upgrade in the end but has anybody even done the math on how many runs it would take for this investment to break even? The upgrade uses coins to make you collect more coins but you will buy out the whole shop and I’m sure the additional seconds on the timer will not have recouped the invested amount. In essence, if you plan on making one of these again, invest more time in having more things to purchase and balancing out the cost of the items because they frankly don’t make any sense. That is the main problem of the game. Additional problems aren’t as big of a deal but some examples include balancing of some of the missions. While most of them are okay, I remember a specific one which required 2 rock bounces into a wall ride in one run! That was ridiculously hard to pull off and let’s face it, 90% of it is pure luck. There were other missions as well which were not properly thought out. The radio crates dropping too fast is also annoying even though there is a trick to loop with the wingsuit in order to get them. Overall this is an amazing game and it deserves 5 stars but I’m hoping to give you some honest criticism so you can further improve in the future and make a masterpiece! Best, A fan

Best Mobile Game


Almost Worth The Journey

I would have given it 5 Stars but after playing for about a month to complete all 60 levels of the game all it ended with was a screen that said congratulations you completed all goals... that’s it!? I guess it’s more about the journey my friend and not the ending... oh wise one.

Same game with different scenery

Wish they would have added new characters

Good but some issues

A decent game that’s good for passing the time, however I’ve lately had issues with a few things. For one if there’s a certain challenge that needs to be completed then you better hope the ability to do it shows up early or you’re in the right biome otherwise you have to wait a while to get there, also the wingsuit “box” you tap to activate it is way to big. I shouldn’t have to try and find a spot that won’t activate it on the right. I’ll be in the middle of a flip and it’ll just switch to it even though I did t ask for it. It should stay where it shows up and no where else. I can’t get pass a level because of this which brings me back to my first point. I’ve hit five wall rides in one combo and it still doesn’t update it. Hope the developers sees this and makes a patch

best game i’ve ever played


Fantastic and frustrating

I agree with the positive reviews of graphics and gameplay. No arguments. But despite having unlocked all characters and completed all challenges, I can also agree with the comments of frustration involved in completing them. Two things that could have alleviated or eliminated the frustrations are: 1. Allowing challenges to be removed via in-game currency (i.e. 10k/challenge). Enough to require extensive playtime, but also reasonable to keep players motivated. 2. Receiving new challenges as current ones are completed, rather than as sets of three. There have been several times I performed tasks/combinations (by luck/chance) only to find them as a future challenge requiring more luck/chance. For what it’s worth... the final character is a NICE reward.

Great Game But...

I really have enjoyed this and Alto’s Adventure. They really are beautiful games, fun and usually my go to. Unfortunately, I’m getting fed up. This isn’t an irritation about “just not being able to beat a level,” but it’s not fun when a game makes you die (from falls) inconsistently and doesn’t actually give you opportunities to meet goals and move on. This has been noted by other users that I’ve spoken to and they have experienced the same thing. An example would be having wall rides be a part of a goal and there being absolutely no walls to ride over the course of multiple hours spent playing. It really kills the fun vibe of the game and quite honestly makes me not want to play anymore. I understand making goals difficult to attain and working for them, but it’s really not necessary to make them seem impossible and unattainable.

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