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Gorgeous, serene, incredibly frustrating

Have been addicted to this for about six weeks; stuck on level 49 for the past week. It is nearly impossible to break three crates in the air on one wingsuit flight, though I’ve made it to two. The problem is that the transmitters are relatively rare and usually hiding under an unavoidable grinding substrate, or just behind a rock or unavoidable ramp. Timing seems essential but there’s no way to practice - you do the math. Whoever designed this challenge is one sadistic mf. Seriously thinking about giving up and deleting this app, what a shame!

Really good except for a few key issues

First purchase from this developer but sad to say I’m a little disappointed :( Though the game truly is stunning, it becomes nearly unplayable during the night phase due to really low contrast. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult to discern rocks, making the game a bit more stressful/eye-straining than I’d like. With several other reviews stating the same, it makes me wonder if these concerns will ever be addressed. Otherwise a very enjoyable and relaxing experience :P

Not supported on all of our ipads

All of our iOS versions are 10.3.3 and still says the game is not supported on the device. I play on my iPhone and like the game, however would like it on a larger screen. We loved Altos adventure, and found the winged suit is easier to control on the iPad. I will not rate the game any higher until i can play on my iPad.


The games atmosphere is extraordinarily amazing.

Feedback for the developers

Dear developers, This game is more than likely my most played mobile game of all time. I managed to unlock the last character and buy 90% of the items in the shop so I felt I needed to give you guys my input. The job of a mobile game is to pass time while we are idle and the idea of this game executes it to perfection. However there are some issues, specifically with the reward system or aka the shop. Firstly, there is not enough variety. For a game which is essentially a dynamic repetitive experience, a grind, there needs to be more things to look forward to. And how hard could it be to slap extra things in there. There is so much opportunity to make up items and gadgets which are useful as well as cosmetic only items which are completely absent. You get the wing suit, the board, the radio and the compass. That is all, 4 things which you can easily acquire within the first few hours and after that it is all upgrades. Speaking of the compass, it is not a good idea to make the item use additional coins after you purchase it in a game which is only upfront cost to play. That essentially ruins it. 1000 coins to change the background is ludicrous. I’ve only used it I believe 2 times for the specific missions and I felt bad about it due to the cost. It actually won’t save you time at all because the cost is completely unbalanced. You will get faster to the biom of your choice as opposed to collecting another 1000 coins. The problem of poor cost balancing persists. The magnet costs up to 7500 to upgrade in the end but has anybody even done the math on how many runs it would take for this investment to break even? The upgrade uses coins to make you collect more coins but you will buy out the whole shop and I’m sure the additional seconds on the timer will not have recouped the invested amount. In essence, if you plan on making one of these again, invest more time in having more things to purchase and balancing out the cost of the items because they frankly don’t make any sense. That is the main problem of the game. Additional problems aren’t as big of a deal but some examples include balancing of some of the missions. While most of them are okay, I remember a specific one which required 2 rock bounces into a wall ride in one run! That was ridiculously hard to pull off and let’s face it, 90% of it is pure luck. There were other missions as well which were not properly thought out. The radio crates dropping too fast is also annoying even though there is a trick to loop with the wingsuit in order to get them. Overall this is an amazing game and it deserves 5 stars but I’m hoping to give you some honest criticism so you can further improve in the future and make a masterpiece! Best, A fan

Best Mobile Game


Almost Worth The Journey

I would have given it 5 Stars but after playing for about a month to complete all 60 levels of the game all it ended with was a screen that said congratulations you completed all goals... that’s it!? I guess it’s more about the journey my friend and not the ending... oh wise one.

Same game with different scenery

Wish they would have added new characters

Good but some issues

A decent game that’s good for passing the time, however I’ve lately had issues with a few things. For one if there’s a certain challenge that needs to be completed then you better hope the ability to do it shows up early or you’re in the right biome otherwise you have to wait a while to get there, also the wingsuit “box” you tap to activate it is way to big. I shouldn’t have to try and find a spot that won’t activate it on the right. I’ll be in the middle of a flip and it’ll just switch to it even though I did t ask for it. It should stay where it shows up and no where else. I can’t get pass a level because of this which brings me back to my first point. I’ve hit five wall rides in one combo and it still doesn’t update it. Hope the developers sees this and makes a patch

Horrible bugs, game center doesnt work

I am a huge alto fan, I loved Adventure, and when Odyssey came out I didn’t hesitate to purchase it. I played both games A LOT.. I unlocked every single thing you can unlock in both games. But recently, maybe with the last update or something, Odyssey game has horrible bugs... sometimes my screen would turn gray in the middle of a game, or when I jump it would be extremely short... And it happens almost every game, making this game unplayable, and forcing me to give it a 2 star until its fixed. Also, game center does not work for some reason, lowering my rating by another star. It feels like you guys didn’t put any effort into Odysseys updates...

best game i’ve ever played


Fantastic and frustrating

I agree with the positive reviews of graphics and gameplay. No arguments. But despite having unlocked all characters and completed all challenges, I can also agree with the comments of frustration involved in completing them. Two things that could have alleviated or eliminated the frustrations are: 1. Allowing challenges to be removed via in-game currency (i.e. 10k/challenge). Enough to require extensive playtime, but also reasonable to keep players motivated. 2. Receiving new challenges as current ones are completed, rather than as sets of three. There have been several times I performed tasks/combinations (by luck/chance) only to find them as a future challenge requiring more luck/chance. For what it’s worth... the final character is a NICE reward.

Great Game But...

I really have enjoyed this and Alto’s Adventure. They really are beautiful games, fun and usually my go to. Unfortunately, I’m getting fed up. This isn’t an irritation about “just not being able to beat a level,” but it’s not fun when a game makes you die (from falls) inconsistently and doesn’t actually give you opportunities to meet goals and move on. This has been noted by other users that I’ve spoken to and they have experienced the same thing. An example would be having wall rides be a part of a goal and there being absolutely no walls to ride over the course of multiple hours spent playing. It really kills the fun vibe of the game and quite honestly makes me not want to play anymore. I understand making goals difficult to attain and working for them, but it’s really not necessary to make them seem impossible and unattainable.

More biomes

I love this game. It is easy to learn, hard to master. Simple, yet elegant. It is my favorite game and definitely worth the $5.00. The only problem I have is that there are not enough biomes. My favorite biome so far is the dunes, because I like wall riding. After a while it gets kinda boring only being able to ride through 3 biomes. If only there were more...

Great sequel, except for the bugs

Love the first game and this game fixes some of the flaws of the original (all of the later characters are useful) while adding a lot of nice gameplay. My big complaint about the new game is buggy physics. Almost every one of my high scoring games comes to an end when I fall through the ground or have a solid landing treated as a fall. This is particularly frustrating when trying to complete the later challenges. Anyway, fix the physics and no question another nearly perfect game.

Be warned: Maya’s a slowpoke.

The game has a pleasant enough atmosphere and background music, with nice gradual introductions of new gimmicks and goals...up to a certain point. Maya, the second character you unlock, is slower than Alto (the first and more well-rounded surfer). Her specialty is quicker backflips. However, one of her specific achievement goals necessary for the game to proceed is to jump over 3 chasms in a single run. The problem is, she’s so slow that she doesn’t have the necessary speed to clear even ONE chasm. At this point, the game changes from relaxing to rage-quitting. Thank goodness that the developer(s) added a Zen Endless mode, as it looks like that’s where I’ll likely spend the rest of my time from now on.


This is a really fantastic game, so much fun to play. I’m just bummed that I’ve finished all the achievements now! Please add some more levels soon :)

Great Game! But keeps crashing on me

It’s amazing it just crashes on me

Best game

The game is just great. Nothing to say about that. I only found a few glitches regarding the lemur running on grinds.

Issue with not properly registered achievements fixed. Thank you:-)

Five stars and more for Alto’s Odyssey! The issue with not properly registered achievements seems to be fixed. That’s awesome, thank you developers. I’m on level 32 now and there were no more glitches. I really enjoy this beautiful, absolutely stunning game. I agree with the reviewer who wrote: “This game is a phenomenal dive into a captivating world”. The graphics are beautiful artwork, the soundtrack is fitted perfectly for the game.

Doesn’t work with phone call

Why it doesn’t work with phone call on Iphone x version 11.4.1 ?

Beautiful Game-Wish I Could Turn Off Night

This is a beautiful game. The scenery is amazing and the gameplay is fun and smooth. I just don’t like the changing scenery. I love when it is day time, as it makes everything a lot easier to see. When it is night time, everything is too dark for me (even with my brightness all the way up). That is my only issue with the game. I wish there was a way to turn that off and only enable day time mode or something.

Great game but...

I love this game on my Apple TV but it freezes after some time and I have to delete it and reinstall. I will give it five stars when that is fixed.

Good game but glitchy

This is a fun game with a gorgeous aesthetic. I wish it varied a bit more from the original. The worst part is that it’s still a bit glitchy (but playable).

Super fun and relaxing!

My only issue I have with the game is wall riding is a bit wonky. especially when you’re going across a chasm and you have to try and wall ride from one wall to another. My game always thinks I’m doin a backflip. But that’s the only gripe I have. I love this game other than that! It’s gorgeous and I love the music.

It’s not the game we know and love

The game is great and the art style is on point.The terrain is beautiful but I feel the play style is just there as a endless runner.Not saying that the game is bad but as my dad used to say”the first one is always better”.Honestly I love this game but it was the llamas that made me say just one more turn. And now that the llamas are gone well.....


This game is good, I have nothing against it, but it’s the same as the original. I mean the EXACT same. I don’t think that I should have to pay 5.00$ for a game that I pretty much have already, and frankly, I don’t think that you should have to pay at all. There are better games for free. All in all, this game isn’t terrible, but make it different. Please.

Awesome game!!!

At first I didn’t think it was going to be worth 5$ but it is. I’m really enjoying every part of the game.

Perfectly done!

Really love this game (on my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV). It’s so well done. Such attention to detail. Perfect balance of fun and challenge. Keep it up!


This game would be pretty decent if there was an option to disable it getting dark. The first game Alto’s Adventure has the same problem it’s really fun until it gets so dark you can’t see much especially your character can’t tell where he is or if he’s upside down.

iCloud won’t sync!!

This is an amazing game when it works! I even bought it for my girlfriend! But I just beat level 4 on my iPad, then when I play on my Apple TV or phone, which are both connected via Apple iCloud, it still says I’m on level 4?! Please help!!! Fix and I’ll give 5 stars!

Audio bug

There’s a bug where the rain audio keeps playing even when it stops raining. Other than than, the game is amazing. Keep up the great work!

A great improvement not detected by almost anyone...

I love to play Alto on TvOS. I have the Apple TV connected to my 5.1 Speakers through the receiver, and when I start to play, voila, my receiver switches to 5.1 audio. The lovely music of Alto in Surround experience is just great.This is a lack on a lot of games on the App Store but a lovely detail in Alto. It would be a nice upgrade to do the same in Adventure. Love this improvement. Get 5 Stars!!!

The game

I played the other game until I unlocked everything once I saw this game I was so excited but after playing it it just looks like a retexture of the other game it’s fun but I wish there would be distinct features that are different from the other game.(and don’t just say everything looks diffrent)


Fantastic game!

Could use a better final character (spoiler alert)

I love the game. It has great resolution, a marvelous brand new environment, and calming music, but the characters are pretty much the same. Alto, Mía and the rest have the same skills just different clothing. The final character before in altos adventure Tupa could survive a chasm fall and had all the previous characters skills. The new character has the same thing except for the boosts from the engineer girl and doesn’t survive chasms but is friends with lemurs? For a game so delayed I expected a much better final character.


I just paid for it and I can’t even play it’s glitching like a mf it keeps freezing fix it.

Beautiful! And suggestion...

A beautiful game with amazing aesthetics and fun new challenges! My only suggestion for the makers would be to create a way to switch back and forth between playing Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure all within the same app, or create an option that take you from one app to the other. Besides that, these are beautiful games!

Perfect Sequel

I had no idea this game came out until I was looking for a game that was similar to the original. Altos Adventure was one of the most beautiful and serene games that I’ve ever played and after beating that one, I was looking for something similar and luckily for me, Altos Odyssey came out. Odyssey is good because it drops certain parts of the last game that it could do without (namely the llamas), and builds upon the best parts of the game (power ups, wingsuit, biomes, etc). As the description suggests, the game is extremely easy to play, but difficult to master, as in the higher levels you almost need to assume what is ahead of you to complete certain challenges. You pay one price and its yours for life, which I would gladly pay again without hesitation. The only improvement in the game would be the new “Mysterious Radio” power-up. Every time I get the radio, my character is moving too fast for me to pick them up, and by the time they get on my screen, I’ve already passed them. Maybe tweaking the drop speed to character speed would remedy this issue. Otherwise the game is literally perfect, mechanically and visually.


I love the game, but recently, when I begin playing, the app freezes. I’ve tried restarting the app and my phone, but it continues to freeze almost immediately.

Perfect if I could see the rocks!

Please add some outline so I can see them when the sun isn’t out


This game is worth the money and is soooo relaxing. To the next game in the alto series there should be more differences than the difference between Adventure and Odyssey.

Almost perfect!

Altos Odyssey is one of the best mobile games available, but it has one flaw that stops it from being a perfect game! The night and day cycles are amazing, but the rider and rocks are sooo difficult to identify during the night cycles. It's pretty much impossible to play the map during night cycles when you're not in a dark room. I really wish the devs would implement a glow or color change to the rider so that it's easier to see things during the night cycles. Other than this, the game is amazing and I love it just as much as the original!

Ending levels become absurd

Rock bounce to wall grind twice in one run. Come on! The game so seldomly presents the correct landscape to pull this off that it is less skill than just endless grinding until you get lucky. I almost did it once but the game glitched. Learn to balance your game better.

A small variation on its predecessor

I played the first alto game obsessively for a long time but eventually my interest waned and I found myself playing it only very occasionally. So I was thrilled to see a new game from the same developer and bought it immediately. Turns out it’s almost identical. Some small changes but nothing meriting a new app. Bleh.

No Sound?

I installed the app and started playing, but there was no sound. I checked the sound settings, restarted the app and my iPad, but still nothing. Sound works from other apps. Am I the only one?

O yeah

Love it best of the App Store

Ideas for the series

I love this game and all but, I would would still like to tell you about a few good ideas for this series. First off, I think that some type of dog companion with some sort of scarf or collar or some sort of unique clothing so that he would be easily recognizable from other games that helps you herd animals or get boosts. Also, you guys need to add the merchandise to this game already because I’m constantly checking for when they come. I also wish for more of an open world game where there’s more of a backstory for each of the characters and maybe a release for the PlayStation,Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. This is a great game and I hope that even more people would come to play it. These ideas are mostly for both games.This is however definitely my favorite game ever created and is the reason I started being and artist the scenery is beautiful and the music is incredible. So I just want to thank you Snowman for such an amazing game.

Solid, but 2 off for a really annoying bug.

The game is great, but the wingsuit needs better controls. I love playing this, but it gets really annoying when the wingsuit activates without me pressing it, or deactivates in the same way causing my death. If there is a 2nd set of activation conditions they need to be more publicized and if not I hope the dev’s look into it.

Fun game!

I have enjoyed this game very much and love the artwork. However I am stuck and need some clues on how to “”Wingsuit onto a rock bounce.” Every time I attempt it I just crash and I cannot figure what I am doing wrong. Would love some help. This game is not my typical genre although I am glad I bought it. It’s worth the money without the B.S. of in-app purchases. Can anyone help me with “Wingsuit onto a rock bounce?” I’m stuc!

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